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Must Love Ghosts by Ani Gonzalez - #5StarReview #ParanormalRomance #Ghosts #RABT

Abby Reed believes in folk songs, faery tales, and ghosts, but she doesn’t believe in love. Her fiancĂ© died while deployed in Afghanistan, but she still has her music, her crazy ghost-filled town, and her pen-pal-slash-best-friend, Mike Stone. But when Mike arrives in Banshee Creek after his last tour of duty, Abby starts to have doubts, about music, ghosts and, most
A steadfast soldier, Mike Stone follows the rules, and Rule #1 is: Don't Fall For Your Dead Buddy's FiancĂ©e. His relationship with Abby has been strictly platonic, and will remain that way, if he has anything to say about it. But when he arrives in Banshee Creek, a town where the impossible is an everyday occurrence, he'll find out that sometimes rules are meant to be broken.


Abby and Cole were engaged even though on opposite sides of the world while he was deployed in Afghanistan.  When he died, part of Abby died too.  Mike, Cole's soldier buddy, had kept an eye on Abby long distance while they got to know one another.  It was all strictly platonic and they had a good time and became good friends.  When Mike eventually finished his tour, he came to see Abby.  Cole had made him promise to deliver some things for him but once Mike actually met Abby, all bets were off.  Their chemistry was off the charts and as Abby lived in Banshee Creek, VA a town in the running for the Most Haunted Town in the US, it was no surprise that there were some freaky-deaky goings on.  All in all it made for an interesting story.

Ms Gonzalez knew her stuff when she wrote this book.  I can only imagine all that she had to keep track of.  I really liked the characters and the relationship between Mike and Abby.  As strange as it was, I liked the personality of the town as well.  It was weird without being scary.  And her timing was terrific I thought - not too fast or slow where she has to throw it all in at once.  Instead it was just right.  As a rule I would find a book like this probably a little too far 'out there' for my taste but every once in a while if I get just the right combination of freaky and fun and romance, well I enjoy it immensely, and this was one of those times.  Over all I would recommend this book to people who enjoy Paranormal romances with a twist, who are not put off by the unknown, magic or ghosts and that are willing to roll with it.  If they can do that they will love this book!

Rating:    5 Stars

Heat:   3/5  - Blush Worthy

I received this book in exchange for my honest and open minded review.  No further compensation was received.

Meet Author Ani Gonzalez:

Ani Gonzalez loves sexy stories and quirky towns with spooky houses. She currently lives in Minnesota with her family, and she’s still trying to adjust to the cold.

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