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Title: A Bridge Through Time
Author: Gloria Gay
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: July 10, 2015
Genre: Time Travel (Modern to Historical), Romance

Trapped in another era, Jane is forced to choose between her very life and the young man of the portrait, for she has fallen in love with the real version of Jestyn Greywick.

Years ago, at the age of fourteen, Jane Fielder visited England, the birth country of her parents, with her mother. A that time a strange event took place, and one that Jane never forgot. On a tour of a great estate with her mother, Jane became entranced by the portrait of a young man. She noticed that he had a pendant with the gold chain wrapped around his hand. Impulsively, Jane touched the young man’s hand and it felt warm. Now, years later, and devastated by the death of her parents, Jane returns to England as a foreign correspondent. She hopes the change of scene will make the loss of her parents easier to bear, for her health has lately taken a hit. Jane is as anxious to start her new job as she is to see the portrait again, for she wants to find out if she just imagined that the young man’s hand felt warm to her touch. Then when Jane touches the young man’s hand on the portrait again, she is blasted back in time to 1803.

She stared at him. Now that he had leaned toward her she could see his face clearly. This was the second time she had seen this man. The first time had been when she had stared at his portrait. Electricity zig-zaged through her body, clear down to her toes. What did this mean?
Jane took out a tissue from her front jacket pocket and pressed it against her cut, mopping up the blood that had trickled to her chin and neck all the time the man was speaking to her in an irate tone:
“My brother is hurt and it appears you were also injured and it serves you right!”
Jane shifted her leg to ease the shooting sparks of pain going up her side and on her right arm.
“What’s your name?” Jestyn asked when Jane just stared at him.
“What’s yours?”
“Of all the insolent…I have a good mind to give you a thrashing.”
“So you beat women?”
“You’re a woman? A woman wearing breeches?” His voice was incredulous as he continued asking, “And what kind of strange breeches are these? And where did you get this lantern? Is it magic?” The man looked keenly at the strong light coming from the flashlight. “Did you use magic?”
“Magic?” said Jane looking down at her flashlight. A flashlight was magic to this guy?
“Listen,” she added when he just stared at her, “this pain is more than I can bear. I – could you help me up? My leg – something’s wrong with my left leg. I can’t get up.”
“It’s either sprained or broken,” the man replied. “You cannot walk on that – uh – limb for now.” His tone had changed on hearing she was a woman rather than a rascally youth spooking his horses on purpose.
“My name is Jane Fielder,” Jane said, in a more appeasing tone, I’m a reporter for CBS and I – I seem to have lost my way.” If this man was the only one that could help her,
in spite of his strange attire, she should try to ask nicely.
“I’m Jestyn Greywick, miss,” he replied.
For a stunned moment Jane said nothing. Then she dragged out a few words. “You’re kidding, aren’t you?”
“I beg your pardon?”
“This whole thing…” Jane said, “…your costume, dressed as Jestyn Greywick…the carriage…were you – are these scenes arranged for tourists?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Miss Fielder,” he said.
“What I mean is you can’t really be serious about your name unless you’re – oh, I get it. You’re pretending to be Jestyn Greywick. That was the name of the man in the portrait I saw moments ago.” Jane felt dizzy and probably wasn’t making sense, judging by the look in the man’s eyes.


This was an interesting book to read.  I do love a good time travel romance and there were many things I loved about A Bridge Through Time, there were a few that kind of missed the mark for me as well. The beginning of the story was a great way to meet Jane.  Having been to The Tower of London, I what a fascinating place it is.  I also know what an adjustment it can be when those you love die.  It can take a very long time before you don't have to remember to breath in and out anymore and do all of the mundane daily tasks we all take for granted.  Returning to Greywick Hall where she had visited with her mother was probably a double edged sword - a nice memory on the one hand and bittersweet on the other.

When Jane and Jestyn actually meet, it was rather like I imagine it would be.  She seemed loony as a bird and he could hardly believe a word coming out of her mouth.  But with time, that changed and so did their relationship.  Before long, they fell deeply in love.  Now, whenever everything starts looking that good, you know something bad's about to happen, right?  Enter the evil Lady Millthorpe, determined old biddy who plans to prove a charge of witchcraft against Jane. Knowing that not only she herself is in peril but her relationship with Jestyn as well, she begins to search for the portal back to the 21st Century.

What a great read!  Smooth and easy, I didn't want to put it down.  I liked the characters and I loved Jane and Jestyn as a couple.  Occasional differences between the centuries provided some humor every now and again. I enjoyed Ms. Gay's writing style and will have to check out some of her other books.  As for A Bridge Through Time, it is a good, clean book with a Time Travel Romance that I think most people would like.  5 Stars!

Rating:  5 Stars

Heat:  1/5 - Tame

I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  No further compensation was received.

Meet Author Gloria Gay:

Writing and painting have been Gloria’s main obsessions ever since she can remember. She and her husband consider themselves very lucky to be living in a beautiful place like San Diego, California, but most of all to have their children and grandchildren living nearby. Gloria is inspired by the sea and couldn’t think of living away from it.

A Bridge Through Time is Gloria’s first time travel romance. Her latest Regency romance, Enchanted Summer, is Gloria’s seventh Regency romance Her other Regencies include the recently published Lovely Little Liar and Scandal at Almack’s, both with Boroughs Publishing Group, as well as Love In A Dangerous Season and Kissed In The Dark that she self-published with Kindle Books.


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