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BILLIONAIRE'S INFATUATION 1: FIXATED by Scarlett Avery ~ #BookBlitz #Series #HotAsHell

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Imagine bumping into the same person—who was a stranger only a few hours ago—three times in the span of a day.  When billionaire Hunter Evans’ growing business takes him from his ranch in Fort Collins, Colorado, on an extended business trip in Los Angeles, he planned on focusing on two main objectives. Firstly, he’s determined to sign up as many new clients as humanly possible. Secondly, he plans on having as much fun as allowed in the City of Angels (aka, sample as many women as he can).  He never expected to meet her and he definitely didn't see her sinful proposal coming.

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Enough with the small talk. I cut to the chase. “I’ll be honest. I didn’t bring you up here to admire the d├ęcor. We could be in a wooden shack right now and I wouldn’t care. The only thing that’s been consuming my mind since you came running to us at the bar has been finding a clever way to have alone time with you.”
“Oh.” She looks away as if my words are too much to handle. I could finesse it a little bit more, but why pretend that I don’t want her badly?
“Goddamn, you look like a sexy vamp in this red dress. I can’t get my eyes off of you.” Even with the dim light, it’s obvious my words cause her to flush. “I can’t believe how lucky I am that out of all of the guys at the party tonight, I’m the one here with you.”“My God, you surely know how to render a girl speechless.” She tilts her head back.
I take one more step forward and our bodies nearly touch. The proximity causes her chest to heave and the visual only fuels my desire something fierce.
“If you knew all of the dirty, raunchy and downright obscene things that are crossing my mind right now, you’d never speak a word again in your life.”
“Shit.” She exhales.
The longer Miranda stares up at me, the more uncomfortable my cock feels inside my boxer briefs. It’s as if each time she bats her eyelashes, I grow by an inch.
“Your mouth...” I start. I just can’t resist bringing my fingers to her lips. I don’t even ask for permission. I never do. “Is so beautiful, so soft and so gentle. I’ve been obsessing about kissing that mouth since I dropped you off.”
She licks her lips before folding them into her mouth. “Hunter, you’re going to make me lose my mind.”
“Oh, honey, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”
“Ah,” she gasps.
“Since Mrs. Silverman is nowhere in sight and it’s just me and you, do I get to kiss you?”
“So it’s okay for you to say all of these heart-stopping things to me, but you ask my permission to kiss me?”
I lean in closer, watching her watching me. She’s undoubtedly one of the sexiest girls I’ve met in a long time. Surprisingly, she may also be one of the smartest. “Don’t answer my question with a question. You want my mouth on you or not?” I curl up my lips into a teasing smile.
She bursts out laughing. “You’re a trip.”
“And you’re a hot little vixen I desperately want.” I crush her body against mine and she turns her face up to me, closing her eyes. With this unrestricted access to her neck, I drop a soft kiss under her jaw line right below her right earlobe. “So do you want me to kiss the hell out of you or not?”
I get even harder when a rush of pink stains her cheeks as she soaks in my words. “Yes, please,” she whispers in a low voice.
Her plea breaks me. 


When alpha billionaire Hunter Evans’ growing business takes him from his ranch in Fort Collins, Colorado, on an extended business trip to Los Angeles, he plans on focusing on two main objectives: (1) Sign up as many new clients as humanly possible and (2) Have as much fun as allowed in the City of Angels (aka, sample as many women as he can)… he never planned on meeting her.

A Sexy Alpha Billionaire Casanova. A sassy bombshell Southern Belle. A proposal that’s way too hot to handle. It’s funny how history has a way of repeating itself. Hunter Evans realizes in shock that that the sexy Southern Belle he can’t get enough of might not be as much of a stranger as he thought.

Just when Hunter and Miranda are finally starting to explore the many layers of their sizzling hot romance, Hunter’s past comes between them. How the hell do you explain a former lover’s unscrupulous attempts at capturing your attention to the woman you’re so desperate to claim? That’s exactly where Hunter Evans finds himself.

Still convinced Hunter is sleeping with half of LA while he’s been seeing her, Miranda accepts an invitation for dinner with another man—one she’s had a crush on for a very long time. Will Hunter and Miranda be able to live out their passion and their happy ever after?

When Hunter Evans realizes the woman he loves is in danger, he doesn’t think. He does what any red-blooded American would do. He’s ready to defend his woman at the cost of going to jail. But is he too late?

Meet Author Scarlett Avery

Scarlett Avery's romance books feature delicious dirty-talking and domineering alpha males that will make you swoon, smart and sassy women, lots of drama, plenty of steam and sizzle, a roller coaster of a ride, unexpected twists, and always a HAPPY ENDING.

You can definitely say that Scarlett is pretty unapologetic about the fact that she LOVES to read and write sexy romance.  Her contemporary romance books range from billionaire romance, to new adult romance, to sports romance, to friends to lovers romance, to BBW romance, to menage romance and all sorts of saucy shades in between.

Be warned: This Canadian romance author's books will probably melt your e-readers and they will leave you on the edge of your seat!

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