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SAVING HER ANGEL by Missy Jane - #Angel #Excerpt#Good #Evil #Paranormal #Entangled #series

Saving Her Angel

by Missy Jane
Series Name: Archangels #3
Published: August 8, 2016
Publisher: Entangled
Length: 190 pages
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

Eleanor has loved her boss Cam from afar for years, but now he wants to retire and send her away. Tearing her heart out would have been kinder.

Archangel Camael must never fall for a woman. If he does, he’ll lose his angelic powers, and he will age like a human. Protecting humans from evil is paramount and has meant periodically reinventing his identity to avoid rousing suspicion. But as his desire grows for his secretary, Eleanor, duty feels more like a burden, because he can’t imagine starting a new life without her.

He can never fall in love.

A force of evil is wreaking havoc and Cam and his Archangel brothers scramble to determine and thwart the cause. The key lies in Eleanor’s tormenting memories, but if they push her too hard, she might snap. Cam must walk the delicate line between protecting Eleanor, appeasing his brothers, and saving the world

Duty calls, but desire wins.

Today I have for you a fun surprise to go along with this gorgeous book about one of my favorite subjects, hot, yummy angels! Missy Jane, the author of the Archangels series, is here to answer five fun and interesting random questions related to herself and her writing.  Let's see what she shares!

Since we are so excited about your latest book, Saving Her Angel, can you clue us in to what caused you writing about Archangels and was it always a series in your mind?

The main characters of my first book, Zerach and Isadora, popped into my head before I ever knew he would be an archangel. But once I started fleshing him out I knew he needed to be a really good guy who was only seen as a bad boy. I'd never written angels before and thought it would be fun. It was definitely a series in my mind from the start.

Well it's a great combination and I for one adore romances with male angels...maybe because they are few and far between IRL. *grin*

Can you share some outtakes from parts of your series and perhaps why they didn't make the cut?

In book one, Isadora wasn't as strong-willed as she turned out to be. In book two, Asta actually got kidnapped one more time. And in book three, Eleanor put up almost no resistance to Cam. All of the changes were made to make the heroines stronger, and make their heroes work a little harder too.

And I know I'm not alone in thanking you for making the females show they can have some strength too.

How does your writing mirror your real life?

It doesn't at all. My real life is kind of hectic. I'm a mother of four and have a full-time job. Writing is my escape from all of the chaos of reality.

Girl!  I about laughed so hard I fell out of my chair!  How I know the feeling.  And that motherhood gig?  It ain't for wimps. *grin*

Tell us about your favorite books and the role(s) they have played in your life.

My all-time favorite is Of Mice and Men. I also love to read horror and historical fiction. Reading has always been an escape for me.

While I'll have to take your word on the Horror, I think we should compare notes.  I know most of my readers have spent many wonderful hours in other lands, places and times as well.

Okay, one final, crazy author question: Have you ever thrown up your hands, pulled at your hair, screamed in frustration while writing? 

Oh yes! Especially after the first round of edits comes back. But usually I'm able to take a calming breath, put away the sledgehammer, and look at everything critically to see that my editor doesn't really hate me all that much. Editing never gets easier no matter how many times you go through it, but it's definitely necessary.

Well your calming breaths and/or the sledgehammer seem to do the trick because you write wonderful books for us to enjoy.  Thank you Missy and thank you for sharing!



The Archangel Camael spread his large white wings and gazed out over the vast landscape below him. Animals ran through the woodlands and grazed on the high grasses in the valley. Streams flowed, birds flew, the sun shone brightly, and the wind whispered a slight breeze to perfume the air. All appeared beautiful and glorious to his angelic sight, as close to perfection as it would ever be. So why had the Source of All Creation grown quiet?

He floated down to the ground and stood among his six brothers. Michael, Zerachiel, Raphael, Selaphiel, Uriel, and Gabriel, all deemed brothers because of their station. They were the Archangels of Heaven, the first ones created by the Source. They would do the bidding of Good and Right, and keep order and balance among the newly created humans. So far, things had been…interesting.

Gabriel dropped to his knees and hung his head, the others immediately surrounding him. Gabriel was the Voice, the chosen mouthpiece for the Source. All communication from their creator rang through him, until two days before, when Gabriel had opened his mouth to speak to Michael and no sound had emerged—he had been struck mute. The shared telepathy hadn’t worked, either. Gabriel was locked in silence, unable to communicate with them, and all pleas to the Source had gone unanswered.

Not knowing what else to do, Michael had led his brothers back into the human realm. They weren’t Watchers—the brotherhood of angels tasked with watching over the humans and reporting back to the Source of their activities and progress—and hadn’t been called upon to remain with the humans in their realm. However, they all agreed the Source must be displeased with something they had done…or neglected to do.

Their leader, Michael, pointed. “The woods surround this place, and the animals are plenty. We will build a home and live as men until the Source once again speaks our tasks.”

The others agreed, though there was no questioning Michael in anything. They would follow where he led and do as he bid until the end of time.

Camael helped Gabriel to his feet and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. “We are all in this together, brother. You will never walk in your silence alone. You have my vow.”

“And mine,” the others said one by one.

Gabriel nodded, but his eyes couldn’t hide his torment. How long would he have to endure the torture of silence? No one had that answer, so they followed Michael into the woods and made their home.

Meet Author Missy Jane:

Missy Jane is the alter ego of a married mother of four who was born and raised in Texas. She spends most of her time lost in worlds of her own making, alternately loving and hating such creatures as vampires, shape-shifters, sexy Archangels, and gargoyles (to name a few). When not writing, she spends her time reading, taking photos of her beautiful daughters and training her husband to believe she's always right.

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